visit my Homepage for the entire list of breakdowns here: Fight Breakdowns.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello!
    I’m a long time fan and have recently begun writing my own breakdowns. I found your blog on a quest to find possible solutions for Rockhold’s check hook and was blown away.
    I posted a link to your post in the middle of my breakdown.
    Great work here. I’m looking forward to catching up!


    1. Thank you! That specific piece isn’t listed on my homepage. It’s mainly been wordpress users who have been able to access it.

      Glad you like this piece. I was experimenting on new writing ideas outside of style breakdowns. So I decided to write about countering fighter’s signature moves. This was the first piece so far.

      if you enjoyed it, I’ll definitely think about continuing those type of analysis.

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      1. Ah I see. It’s always fun to approach specific tactics because you can draw so many intriguing parallels from martial arts and other combat sports.
        What drives you to write these pieces?
        I just graduated and have been writing these on my free time, but damn are they time-consuming!


      2. They are time consuming indeed. Currently a student so it’s hard to produce these pieces due to time. I’m just about to release a piece on Almeida vs Garbrandt.

        I write these pieces for the community, for those who seek knowledge and for the appreciation of the fighters. It’s hard to tolerate when a fighter doesn’t get the credit they deserve, so I put a lot of effort into revealing the true beauty of the fighter’s craft so that people would appreciate them.

        Lastly, studying fights prevents my mind from becoming stagnate. By keeping my mind open and studying all sorts of styles, it allows me to sharpen my mind outside of training.


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