How Dominick Cruz Won Back the UFC Title (techniques) Part 2 of 4

Welcome back to part 2 of how Dominick Cruz won back his tittle. If you missed part one, go here: How Dominick Cruz Won Back the UFC Tittle (techniques) Part 1 of 4

—-part 2—-

Cruz going on the offense

Cruz was able to use much of his offense since T.J. was more willing to stay in the pocket to answer them. We saw Cruz used many of his more familiar move-sets observed from previous fights. I want to add that Cruz was more aggressive this time around when going on the offensive. Keep in mind that the fundamental principle is to attack and exit at defensive positions to avoid counters. Let’s take a look at a few various approaches Cruz used. Let’s take a look at the various attacks Cruz was successful with.

T.J. likes to use the push block while evading. Since T.J. uses an open push block style, he leaves the middle open for attacks. Cruz hit that opening while advancing in.

cruz push block bypass.gif
Soto fails to find his opening. Cruz finds his opening right down the middle of the open push block.

Darting, and hitting an angle to move away. Similar to what he’s used in the past against previous opponents.

cruz darts off at an angle comp.gif

Cruz using his shifting cross to escape at a lateral angle after attacking.

cruz shifting cross comp edit.gif
Cruz shifts the rear leg out laterally to move in that direction as he exits.

Here are more examples of Cruz sticking and moving. He hits them, and denies them a chance to earn anything back by moving away.

cruz in and out comp.gif
In  to attack and out at angles. to evade

Here’s a pretty sweet double up Cruz used to go for the body and then the head. He’s always dynamically moving the head away from the center-line.

Cruz doubles up and level change then escapes.gif

This is the end of part 2, continue on with part 3 here: How Dominick Cruz Won Back the UFC Tittle (techniques) Part 3 of 4


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