Conor McGregor Style Breakdown Part 4

This is part 4 of the series. If you missed part 1, go here:

Part 4

Dynamic Kicks

Conor’s kicking game is pretty steep. His diversity and crafty use of kicking to manipulate the opponent is very tricky. I won’t get too much into his kicking game considering it’s been done enough but I’ll just mention a few common tricks you see in his kicking game and a variety of ways he can land a single technique.
It’s worth mentioning that his teeps also play an important role in stuffing an opponent’s advancement to control the pace at his discretion. Moving on, we’re going to take a look at his other kicks.
He’s pretty good at using the spinning back kick to different variations. He can use it to lead or to counter. Here a few ways he sets up those kicks.

conor spinning back kick counter.gif
Timing the kick on the opponent’s advancement
Conor push kick, into back kick on lead.gif
Teeping to force them to advance forward into a spinning back kick
conor spinning kicks circling opponent.gif
Used to catch a circling opponent moving in the trajectory of the kick’s path
conor pocket shots, retreat, spinning back kick.gif
Here Conor demonstrating he can smoothly transition between punching and kicking range
conor combo punch range, retreat, back kick in kick range.gif
cross, retreating lead hook into kicking range, spinning back kick

Conor is pretty creative with kicks. Slipping can prove to be a dangerous thing against Conor as his kicks move up the trajectory of the slipping area.

conor counter slip hook.gif
Conor countering Siver’s slip hook range with his own kicking range off a kick designed to throw off rhythm

He gets you comfortable in the punching range and uses his fluid movement to quickly switch to a kicking range.
The very core of his kicking game is that he deceives you with movement and trumps your reaction with timing.
One of the drawbacks of Conor’s kicks are that it makes him vulnerable to catches—catches that can easily turn into takedowns or sweeps. In addition, he has shown vulnerabilities to getting his stance broken when someone counter’s his kicks with their own leg kicks. In short, many of the basic Muay Thai counters to kick have shown to be effective against Conor (which we will most likely look at in the next article to see who has done so successfully).

To summarize some of Conor’s traits in this piece:

  • He’s got good shoulder feinting to kill the opponent’s offensive rhythm
  • Posses a variety of hand fighting strategies to open their guard, manipulate distance, cut off the cage, and manipulate rhythm
  • Good at maintaining effective distance for keeping the opponent at bay or staying out of the way
  • Has great movement; balanced, fluid
  • Cutting the cage with feints, hand traps, and offensive output
  • Possess solid dynamic countering
  • Very dynamic kicking game
  • Tendency to be too linear and vulnerable to kicks

I tried to make sure I used terms that people of the MMA community would be able to recognize and summarize concepts for possible readers new to combat sports. Hopefully this breakdown will build on to your current knowledge. There are a lot of other great breakdowns out there by excellent analyst, so if you haven’t seen them yet, I suggest you check them out.

I’d like to know if the GIF examples I’m showing aren’t too much. So if it’s take too much time to load, I’ll consider breaking these down into smaller series so the PC will load better.

Thanks for reading!


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